KETER - The Crown. This is root of the Tree, where light first becomes manifest. To the Kabbalists, it symbolises that point beyond which our comprehension of the origins of Being cannot go. It symbolizes the spirit of God and Divine Will.

CHOKMAH - Wisdom. It is often thought of as pure dynamic energy of an infinite intensity forever propelled forth at a speed faster than light.

BINAH - Understanding. Which is thought of as the primordial feminine energy, the Supernal Mother of the universe which receives the energy of Chokmah, cooling and nourishing it into the multitudinous forms present throughout the whole cosmos.

CHESED - Mercy or loving kindness. Chesed can be properly described as an act that has no "cause.". it is the initiator of interaction.

GEBURAH - Strenght/Justice/Judgement. It is associated in the soul with the power to restrain one's innate urge to bestow goodness upon others, when the recipient of that good is judged to be unworthy and liable to misuse it. As the force which measures and assesses the worthiness of Creation, geburah is also referred to in Kabbalah as midat hadin ("the attribute of judgment"). It is the restraining might of geburah which allows one to overcome his enemies, be they from without or from within.

TIPHARETH – Beauty/Balance/Miracles. Resting in the center of the Tree of Life, Tiphareth is the heart of the Tree. It is associated with divine love, with healing, balance and harmony.

NETZACH - Victory/Perpetualty/Eternity. Netzach is "endurance ,the fortitude and patience to follow through on your passions. Netzach is the sphere of Venus: the feminine aspect of God, which stands for receptivity and acceptance, also known as the Earth Mother in its fructifying aspect.

HOD – Glory or Splendor. Hod is described as being a force that breaks down energy into different, distinguishable forms, and it is associated with intellectuality. Hod is said to be the sphere in which the magician mostly works.

YESOD – Power or Foundation. It is often associated with the moon, because it is the sphere which reflects the light of all the other sephirot into Malkuth, and it is associated with the sexual organs, because it is here that the higher spheres connect to the earth. It plays the role of collecting and balancing the different and opposing energies of Hod and Netzach.

MALKUTH Malkuth means Kingdom. It is associated with the realm of matter/earth and relates to the physical world, the planets and the solar system. The divine energy comes down and finds its expression in this plane, and our purpose as human beings is to bring that energy back around the circuit again and up the Tree.A'ATH – It is related with knowledge. It is the location (the mystical state) where all ten sephirot in the Tree of Life are united as one. The Divine Light is always shining, but not all humans can see it. Humans who become self-giving like the Light become able to see it, and for them the benefits of Daat's Light seem "revealed". However, humans who remain selfish cannot see it, and for them its benefits seem "hidden".

LIGHTNING FLASH - Vertical downward pathway or vertical upward rising. This flow of light is of the sephirotic tree which passes through each sephirah in turn according to their enumerations.Kabbalah is a systematic overview of how existence functions, on every level, from the microcosmic to the macrocosmic. Through understanding the functioning of the many levels of existence, a person is then prepared to traverse those levels.The Kabbalah is the foundation of every form of Initiatic Wisdom.The Kabbalah utilizes a primary symbol called the Tree of Life, which is the organizing principle found in every mystical tradition. Every religion has a Kabbalistic basis, even though they may not use that word.The Kabbalah is a symbol which expresses the structure of creation. Understanding the Tree of Life, one can understand the structure of the universe around us and within us, for it maps the macrocosm and the microcosm and everything in between.


カバラ Tree of Life 音叉

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