REIKI and TUNING FORKS Frequency Sound Therapy



Torrance CA

Reiki & Tuning Forks



Reiki &  Qi 

Tuning Forks Frequency

( Chakra / DNA / Meridian / Solfeggio )

Sound Healing

Emotional Release Relaxation

1hr ~ 1hr30 min  |  $55


Reiki & Tuning Forks Therapy

Guided Yoga Meditation

Reiki &  Qi

Tuning Forks (Chakra/Meridian/Solfeggio)


Sound Healing

1hr 30 min  |  $55


As a busy mother who works and also creates art late at night, through the juggling and stress I often neglect myself of stopping to focus on me. When I sense an imbalance in my body and energy I call for Miyuki's assistance to identify my blockage and restore balance.


During the tuning fork sessions I often see auroras of colors and feel my body reacting to the frequencies. Not only is the time with Miyuki pure relaxation but in the days to follow there is a clarity and a new flow in my energy. And with the advice of how to better manage my problem areas with certain exercises or suggested meditation methods I am able to continue in my journey feeling physically and mentally healthier and balanced.


Thank you Miyuki for your continued guidance.